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The Blooming Place

CI09 - EP - Neon Vapor

Sortie le 21/07/2021


Plunged into a dark dystopia, welcome to a world where the genetically modified man is devoid of all emotions at the expense of industrial productivity.
Anesthetized of all positive feelings, loneliness, boredom and sadness become the daily life of all.

However, it is said that a mysterious and peaceful hidden place would contain the most intense and beautiful emotions that the world has repressed: "The Blooming Place". An eternal spring cherry tree would bloom the emotions and feelings of all living people. Anyone who came near it would be filled with a sweet mixture of euphoria and nostalgia, filling their sad souls with vivid and warm emotions.

Many stories and rumors were told about this peaceful place, but no one knew if they were true. This simple story was enough to create a first new feeling in a young girl: hope and desire. She went in search of that wonderful secret place, through the quest of emotions, where souls bloom again.

Very 1st EP of Neon Vapor on ADN cinématic, this last one tells an intense dystopian story evolving towards the light.
The narration is told by 3 chapters similar to a Hitech Psytrance, with bright melodies contrasted by violent and peachy sounds.
Sit back, enjoy, Neon Vapor promises you a journey through emotions at full speed.

The 1st chapter "Unsentimental" is a collaboration with Synema, setting the scene for the dystopian world of men devoid of emotions. A narrative with violent universes, contrasted by bright notes of hope.

The 2nd chapter "Intense Quest" tells of the long and intense quest for the place where emotions flourish. A multi-part epic plunges us into the heart of a rewarding, danger-filled and epic journey. A composition inspired by the universe of the video game Ori & the blind Forest.

The 3rd chapter tells us the final discovery and mystical experience of "The blooming Place". A sweet mix of euphoria and nostalgia at 180 bpm, filling the sad souls of men with vivid and warm emotions. A bouncy composition, concluding the narrative of a dystopia not far from our reality.


  • 1 - Neon Vapor & Synema - Unsentimental 08:36 170bpm
  • 2 - Neon Vapor - Intense Quest 11:09 180bpm
  • 3 - Neon Vapor - The Blooming Place 08:42 180bpm

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